sustainable cardboard packaging

Sustainable Packaging Options


All products will be shipped in a Kraft box that can be reused and/or recycled. Kraft boxes are a naturally biodegradable product. Use them as organizers after!

Fun fact: the name is from the German work Kraft which translates to "force" or "strength"


100% of the bubble wrap you receive will be re-used from my own deliveries. Like many people, most of my supplies are delivered, so I'm left with plenty of packing materials that need to be disposed so why not save them from the landfill and reuse them for the next person to also reuse!


Soaps are wrapped in either biodegradable shrink wrap, or with patterned paper (it's your choice!) . The biodegradable shrink wrap is made of polyolefin which protects the soap from moisture and dirt. It is also a "smell through" material which allows people to have a preview of the scent while the product remains wrapped and sanitary.



Handcrafted Sailor Moon soap — comes wrapped in paper or biodegradable shrink wrap — whichever you like! #sailormoon #animesoap #catsoap #kawaiisoap

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