About Us

Denise (artisan) and Jiro-boo (CFO - Chief Feline Officer)

After learning more about the benefits of handmade soap, I really fell in love with making tiny art resulting in a necessary, consumable product. 🖼

I specialize in handmade, gentle soaps with skin-loving ingredients that are soft on the hands and good for eczema conditions or cracked skin. Soaps never contain any drying, harsh detergents and are always phthalate-free, thus helping keep your skin nourished and hydrated. 🤲

My number one inspiration is my CFO (Chief Feline Officer) — Jiro-boo is a constant supurrvisor and mewse! 🐯

Welcome to the shop and thanks for looking at my small corner of the internet. I hope you find the treasure you're looking for, and enjoy my handmade soap creations! ☺️