Why choose handmade?

Why choose handmade?

When you wash, you need a soap that will clean your skin without causing irritation!

Did you realize that our skin is actually an organ? Our skin is more than just a fleshy mass of pimples, wrinkles and tattoos. It is a complex system of pores, glands and nerves working together to protect us from the outside and inside of our body, and is made up of 3 layers.

The outermost layer of skin(the epidermis), makes new skin cells, protects the skin, and skin color. This is the layer of skin that absorbs what you put on it. Which includes soap! Yes, every time you wash your hands, your skin absorbs it. There is research that connects how chemicals absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream can cause damage.

This is one of the reasons we choose to provide a better and more accessible alternative to commercial soaps. Knowing exactly what we put into our soaps is a big deal to us. Each of our soap bars is made by us in small batches to maintain the integrity.

Most commercial soaps are not actual soaps, instead they are detergent bars or "beauty bars". They contain mostly synthetic detergents that are manufactured cheaply and completely strip the skin of its moisture, or the product is chemically altered to extract the natural glycerin of the soap to put into higher priced items, such as lotions and creams.

The glycerin and oils in soap are key ingredients that protects your skin from drying out after your shower. If your soap does not have the natural glycerin or oils, your skin becomes dry and you'll need lotion to moisturize it.

Glycerin soaps are super soft and moisturizing on the skin — perfect for a luxurious self care cleansing routine. Glycerin is a vegetable derived humectant and moisturizer which attracts and absorbs water molecules helping to draw and retain moisture to the skin. Glycerin is a natural, water-soluble moisturizer used extensively in skin care products.

Reasons to switch today

  1. Naturally Supple Skin - with all the naturally occurring glycerin and oils in handmade soap versus commercial soap, why would you save on soap just to buy a lotion? You're not actually getting a better deal!
  2. Our Planet - all ingredients are ethically sourced and RSPO certified for sustainability
  3. Animal Testing - because we know where the ingredients come from, none of our soaps or ingredients are tested on animals and only on willing humans. Thank you, friends and family!
  4. Your Health - since our skin is connected straight to our blood stream and absorbs everything we put on it, why would you choose anything else? The soap formula we use is free from harsh cleansers and detergents — making it perfect for skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. The soap is made for sensitive skin with mild, gentle cleansers that don’t damage the skin’s natural moisturizing factors.

There you have it! Shopping small gives you tons of great benefits for both yourself and the environment. Why not try a bar out for yourself and see the difference handmade makes?

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