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Jiro Soap

Flamingle | Watermelon Fragrance

Flamingle | Watermelon Fragrance

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Soap Wrapping

Inspired by pink hued waters by the beach, this fun and whimsical soap will spark a playful joy in the shower!

🍉 watermelon fragrance which is the vibrant, sweet, and playful blend of ripe melon and bing cherry
🐚 swirling layers of pink, blue and white foamed waters crashing on a golden sand beach which is enhanced with crushed walnut shells for a gentle, mild exfoliation
🦩 every bar is enhanced with different embeds on the top from monstera leaves to seashells, along with a fun pink flamingo chilling in the water on the front!
🌀 each bar hand poured and beveled edges
⚖️ 125-135 grams/approximately 5 oz per bar⁣
📏 3.5” x 2.5” x 1”
🧼 Listing is for one bar of soap

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