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Jiro Soap

Minty Boba | Sweet Peppermint Candy Scent

Minty Boba | Sweet Peppermint Candy Scent

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Boba is good all year round so why not have some seasonal minty boba? As always, everything is made out of 100% soap! From the wide straw, to the icy embeds in the red and white swirl and there’s plenty of boba, of course!

• It’s the fragrance of icy cool peppermint. Fresh and minty and totally peppermint!

🌀 each bar is hand poured and edges are bevelled for a smooth feeling in the hand
⚖️ 150-160 grams/approximately 6.5 oz per bar⁣
📏 2.5” x 4” x 1”
🧼 Listing is for one bar of soap

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