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Jiro Soap

This Way Yonder | Coastal Forest Scent

This Way Yonder | Coastal Forest Scent

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Soap Wrapping

This reindeer is guided by a little star so he knows where to go over the mountainside!

• Immerse yourself in the ambient scent of red sand shores where the cool Canadian air is intertwined with red cypress trees and coastal evergreens mixed with golden cedar and forest pine.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Fresh Air, Red Cypress
Middle/Heart Notes: Coastal Evergreen, Pine, Wildflowers
Base Notes: Cedar, Amber

🌀 each bar is hand poured and edges are bevelled for a smooth feeling in the hand
⚖️ 150-160 grams/approximately 6.5 oz per bar⁣
📏 2.5” x 4” x 1”
🧼 Listing is for one bar of soap

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