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Wish Dragon | Cool Citrus Basil Scent

Wish Dragon | Cool Citrus Basil Scent

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Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon 🐉 Asking all Dragonball fans — what would you do with your one wish from the dragon? While you think about it, this anime-inspired soap will wash away your troubles much as a wish would! 🌟 DBZ is one of those classic shows that should bring back super fun memories.

Wish Dragon:
🟠 As always, every part of this design is 100% usable soap! The one star dragon ball sits atop an orange and blue layered base (reminiscent of Son Goku’s gi 🥋) with a cool dragon embed on the front (one special bar has a gold dragon!)
🍋 Cool Citrus Basil is a beautiful blend of light musk which forms a base for herbal basil, leafy green notes, camphor, and orange blossom, with light citrus top notes of mandarin and lemon, frequently used in unisex products — perfect for everyone!
🌀 each bar is hand poured and edges are bevelled for a smooth feeling in the hand
⚖️ 130-140 grams/approximately 5 oz per bar⁣
📏 2” x 4” x 1.5”
🧼 Listing is for one bar of soap



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